Monday, October 21, 2013

Our October Weekend Recap

What a whirlwind of a weekend! Andy's grandparents and aunt came in town from New York and met Robby for the first time. It was so neat to see four generations all together. I have no living grandparents on my side of the family so it is really special that Andy has both sets of grandparents around. My Mimi was so dear to me and was a huge part of my life. I hope Robby will have this same special bond with his grandparents. I have lots of family pics to share but not on my own camera so I will update with those pics later!

We kicked Friday off with a trip to the grocery store. Robby loves coming with me and he rode in the cart like a champ. He managed to touch all the surfaces of the cart though which makes me want to throw up...I am a total germaphobe and his need to touch everything followed by putting his fingers in his mouth bothers me immensely. I need a support group. I'm the kind of germaphobe that doesn't even like eating things with my hands. What if I touched a doorknob covered in the germs of some serious illness and then I ate a pretzel? I'd probably end up dead. See what I mean. Sanitizer wipes are my best friend. #whoelsehastouchedthiscart #itscoldandfluseason OCD is hard sometimes. ;)

I did get some pretty yellow roses at the store to add some color to our entry table décor. Flowers make me smile, which helped me recover from my germaphobia episode. After our grocery trip, Robby napped, we played, and I did a little real work followed by some fun drawing a new chalkboard message. Andy's family came over for drinks and then we stayed in to gear up for a busy day on Saturday.
Good thing we rested Friday night because Saturday morning started bright and early. Like 5:15 early. For the first time in MONTHS, R woke up at 3:15 and 5:15...AM that is. Ugh. I'm an eight hour kind of girl and no sleep doesn't really work for me. I'm not actually sure how I managed during my child's first 8 weeks of life. Hey, miracles happen, and I'm so glad I have some amnesia about how terrible that sleep deprivation was. I'm hoping to get full blown amnesia soon so Robby will eventually have siblings.

Actually, we have been spoiled by Robby sleeping from about 7 PM to 7 AM, give or take, since he was 11 weeks old. I like to think it's because I was a Babywise and Baby Whisperer stickler but I'm sure his temperament had something to do with it. I still want credit for his sleep habits though. That baby schedule stuff is no joke. NO joke I tell you. But it's worth it when you get a blissful eight hours every night.

Where are your teeth child? I think his night awakening could be teething. Who knows. I've blamed everything on teething since three months of age. After our lousy night of sleep, we downed coffee and headed over to a friend's breakfast tailgate gathering. We ate delicious food and had fun catching some of the TCU game on TV. My friend Brie served some awesome breakfast pizzas, which has me looking for a breakfast pizza recipe now. #iatefivepieces
The rest of our Saturday consisted of napping and gearing up for an 80's 30th birthday bash that night. We had a fab time. We love little R but the value of nights out cannot be underestimated. I always come back feeling renewed and like I can do this whole mom/work/try to be awesome at life thing. We put our costumes together last minute and I think we looked super 80's!
Sunday consisted of a long walk in the beautiful weather, blueberry pancakes, and dinner with Andy's family before they left to go back to New York. It was a great end to a super busy but fun weekend.

Hope your weekend was great too!

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