Monday, October 14, 2013

Halloween Decorating and My October Bucket List

I love Halloween decorating. Really, decorating for any holiday makes me smile. So far I've kept it pretty simple for October but I'm sure I'll find something to add before Halloween arrives. Most of this can carry into November too, so that's a plus.

Here's my house in photos during October, followed by my October Bucket List. Happy mid-October!

Door wreath: Target
Metal pumpkin: First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas *If you haven't been to Canton you must go. They have the BEST holiday d├ęcor.
Owl in flower pot: Michael's
Pumpkin in flower pot: Michael's

Black lantern: Garden Ridge
Mini Pumpkins: Target
Glass containers: Marshall's
Succulent plants: Central Market

Glitter pumpkins on mantle: Michael's

Kitchen towels: Marshall's

Witch Sign: Target Dollar Section

Robby's outfit: Carter's

Gus is not amused by the fact that Robby has become more vocal and very busy....anyone want a dog with lots of...."personality".....? I kid....kind of.

October Bucket List
  • Bake Fall-themed sugar cookies. My inner Martha Stewart is ready to make her Fall appearance. I'm looking to settle on the perfect sugar cookie recipe and of course, the perfect icing. It's a real pickle. There are so many versions of a sugar cookie, and with Christmas coming, this must be resolved ASAP! Christmas isn't Christmas without the perfect sugar cookie. Or hot chocolate (with Bailey's, duh). And let's not forget about rum cake.
  • Visit a pumpkin patch. I have refused to make a plan to go if the high is over 80ish, so we haven't gone. Ugh. I think we are going to get our chance this weekend though! Shout out to the weather makers: Let's keep it real this Saturday with a high of 72. Word.
  • Robby's first Halloween costume photo shoot. Get excited! His costume is so, so, so adorable. Oh God, I just sounded like one of "those" moms!
  • Find a new favorite Fall nail polish. I'm tired of my typical Fall burgundies and maroons. By the way, I almost always paint my own nails. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polish is where it's at. WHO has time for the slow stuff? I barely have time to eat, so not me.
  • Get a new car seat for R. Actually, I can check this off because we accomplished it last week. My little Robby's thunder thighs were having a difficult time fitting in the good ol' bucket seat. I don't care though. I love big babies and I cannot lie. He is absolutely squeezable. It's just not good on the ol' back though. Sometimes being 30 years old feels a little more like 75 after I carry him around. Let's hope he's an early walker. But then he's mobile. Ohhh. Kaaayyy. Another pickle.
I think we can manage to knock most of these out before November 1st. I'll keep you updated.

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