About Me

I'm Adrienne. I am from Waco, Texas and moved to Fort Worth to attend Texas Christian University.  At TCU, I met my husband and the rest is history!  We just had our first baby, a boy, in March.  Life has changed so much this year and it just keeps getting better.

I work as a marketing director for a local real estate company but get to do some of my work from home, which allows me to spend as much time as I can with baby boy. When I'm not working for my real job, you can probably find me cooking, baking, creating something, or traveling.

More about me:
  • I pretend like I have a green thumb, but I usually kill plants within a few weeks (or days). I keep buying orchids but have come to find out they are like the hardest plant to keep alive!
  • I love chocolate. Candy, ice cream, cake - it doesn't matter!
  • I love checking the mail.
  • I have the best family ever. Lots of people say that but mine really is the best! My parents and two sisters (a twin and a younger one) live in Waco and I miss them every single day. We do talk on the phone multiple times per day though. 
  • My husband's parents and brother and sister live here in Fort Worth. They are tight-knit. Literally. We all live within a few streets of each other. That doesn't work for all families, but for us it's great!
  • I have a dog named Gus who puts Marley of Marley and Me fame to shame. His favorite pastimes are eating the mail, destroying shoes, and barking at other animals on television (even the Geico gecko). Just to name a few. One time I found him face first in a tub of butter on the kitchen table. Oh, Gus. Baby boy's first words might be, "No, Gus!"
  • I love holidays, parties, and entertaining. And Christmas.....don't even get me started!
  • I love to try new things although I am revisiting this after my sister-in-law took me to Crossfit. Didn't love it.
  • Beer is gross. I know, VERY un-Texan like. I just can't drink it. Even if it is really, really cold. However, I will gladly drink a glass of vino or champagne. And bring on the vodka cocktails.

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