Sunday, August 4, 2013

Having a baby?

So the past four months have flown by. I think there is some kind of cosmic change in the universe when you have a baby and time starts to go faster than ever before. I'm working on a four month recap of our first adventures with little man, but while I'm still thinking about it, I wanted to share some little pieces of advice with all the pregnant ladies out there. If you're a dude reading this, I doubt you'll be interested. Or, read these and help the mama-to-be in your life out!

Seven Tips for Mamas-to-be:

1. Sleep when the baby sleeps. No matter what everyone told me, I did not "Sleep when the baby sleeps." If I had a nickel for every time someone told me to "Sleep when the baby sleeps!" I'd be rich, and you probably would be too because I could spare to give you $1 million dollars. So don't be like me. Try to sleep when the baby sleeps!

2. Make friends with good cooks. People will come from near and far to bring you home-cooked casseroles after baby arrives. It's the greatest gift ever. For awhile you won't be able to function enough to cook something for yourself much less other people. I'm pretty sure I did NOTHING in the kitchen after Robby arrived. (THANK YOU family and friends! And big thank you to Grandma Kathy for keeping our pantry and fridge well stocked!) I was all like, "Dinner? I do not know how to do this. I just had a baby. Someone help me. How do you use an oven?" The point is, try to arrange to not have to cook for awhile.

3. This is a biggie and I probably should have put it first, but Go ahead and google the side effects of pain medication and/or surgery...I won't elaborate, just be prepared. This is not a case where ignorance is bliss. Talk to your doc, phone a friend, ask your nurse, but whatever you do, get ready. Am I being too vague? Google postpartum issues. Trust me.

4. Pack your hospital bags six weeks ahead of time. I never really thought R would be early since everyone told me first babies are always late. My hodge podge of a hastily packed-at-4-am bag's contents looked something like this: Size XS Pajamas (Hilarious! Did I really think those were going to fit post delivery? I was just a tad excited/hopeful at the thought of losing the ginormo baby bump), iPad (Useless! No time for that because you are supposed to "sleep when the baby sleeps"), whole contents of makeup drawer (Laughable! I mean, you simply must powder your nose after being sliced open), and a variety of other non-essential items. Thank goodness the hospital provides most of what you need. That is, if hospitable gowns worn by hundreds of other people and XL disposable mesh underwear are your thing. And they were totally my thing. They even let me take some home. Thanks Baylor nurses for helping a girl out in desperate times!

5. Don't be afraid to tell people no. (Unless they are bringing you food or volunteering to get up for 3-am feedings of course). Everyone will want to come see you and visit the baby. It's! No one remembers that you've just been sliced/diced/ and/or stretched six ways to Sunday. Or that you are on an emotional rollercoaster of which you have zero control. When reality hits, you haven't slept, and you don't feel up to your 100th photo shoot, just tell everyone that "Now isn't a great time." It might seem harsh but people forget or just don't know how exhausting and challenging the first weeks with baby are and sometimes have to be told to SCRAM! gently reminded.

6. You may find yourself crying a lot, and for no reason. Or there may be reasons, but they only make sense to you. I cried because I thought I may never be able to bend over enough to shave my legs again. Then because I thought my dog didn't love me anymore. Then because I thought I'd never recover and Robby would have to be an only child. Then because we were out of chocolate. You get the idea. Pretty funny looking back now! Although being out of chocolate is a very good reason to cry at any given time. Not quite as good of a reason as being out of wine though.

7. Alright La Leche League, don't sue me, but.......have a little formula on hand. It is JUST in case. And in our case, we eventually needed it. When this need arises, it could be 2 am, and who wants to go on a formula search in the middle of the night? So just throw a little in your pantry now. Ultimately, you have to do what is right for your family and what is best for YOU. I struggled with this and had a huge sense of loss and guilt when things didn't work out-kinda hard to explain but the good news is, I eventually got over it and little man is thriving! Silver lining: Getting back into my vodka cocktails. Shout out to the makers of Similac Sensitive. My kid loves this stuff. And he seems SUPER smart already. Just Saying.

Stay tuned for my recap of little man's first four months!



  1. Adrienne, I LOVE this post. Every single one of these is sooo true!! Congrats on your new little man and successfully surviving the first few months of motherhood! You have such a beautiful family!

    1. Thanks Lauren!! I can't believe E is so grown up! We need to get together.