Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Gift Labels

I love baking for any occasion, but especially for holidays! Little R has made it a bit of a challenge to get in the kitchen as much as I used to, but I have still managed to carve out a little time each week. Naptime helps but unfortunately R's cold is really cramping my his style of good, long naps. Ugh. Robby has a cold. Babies with colds are the worst because they can't take any of the good drugs. #thegermsgotpastmysanitizerwipes Oh, the horror. We need another dose of Benadryl over here. Disclaimer: I don't condone giving extra Benadryl to a baby. Just saying...

Baking Halloween cookies got me thinking about how I needed some Halloween-themed gift labels. When I give treats away, I like adding a label to the treat bag or box. My favorite way to give cookies away is to put them in clear cellophane bags and stick on a cute label.

If you are in charge of Halloween gift bags this year or are giving treats to the neighbors, here are some Halloween-themed labels for your bags or boxes. They are meant to be printed onto Avery 5163 label paper or any other corresponding label paper. You could also print onto cardstock and cut to size, then use a hole punch and tie them to your treat bags.

Click the image below to access a PDF of the labels. Happy Halloween!

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