Saturday, August 24, 2013


Robby will turn 6 months old on September 9th. I can't believe it. 6 months. Half a year. It just goes so fast. This is my favorite "baby stage." I say that every month. But I mean it this time. Some of my favorite Robby moments lately:
  • His laughter. I can't get enough. It makes me want to eat him up. He has started interacting with Gus and they are so funny. Gus likes to play a game called "Steal The Burpcloth and Shake It Like You're Killing A Squirrel." (You may not have heard of it - I don't think it was around when we were babies). This game makes Robby laugh hysterically. I picture them being best buds forever. Until Robby gets a little brother. Just kidding! A sister, of course.

  • He fakes coughing to get attention. It's hilarious. Whenever he used to cough, I would go up to him and tickle him and ask if he is ok. Now when he coughs, I'll go over and check on him and he starts laughing at me. Sigh. I wonder what's to come when he's 12. He'll probably be pulling much more advanced pranks than the fake cough. I'm going to have to really keep my guard up around here. ;)

  • He loves baby oatmeal cereal. Carrots and sweet potatoes - not so much. I can't shovel oatmeal into his mouth fast enough. R is a complex carb lover. The rolls prove it. Check out those thunder thighs. And don't judge...I realize I have him in his bumbo on the kitchen table, but I am right in front of him, so it would be pretty hard for him to fall off the table. At least I think...Anyways, we're getting a high chair soon!

  • We went to music class for the first time. R loves music. Something tells me most babies do. He gets really into it. I feel like he is composing notes in his head. It probably goes back to the Similac Sensitive. It seems to just make him SO smart. I kid, I kid. What it really probably goes back to is he get it from his mama. The smarts, that is, NOT musical talent. Don't make me show you the video of my 4th grade solo in my elementary school's rendition of Annie.
  • This isn't a favorite thing, but he started rolling over to sleep on his stomach. It freaks me out. Every time. I can't stand it. I guess I'll get over it.
  • Keeping on the not a favorite thing theme, R threw the hugest fit I've ever seen when we had a babysitter he had never had before. Parent fail. Guess we need to stick with regulars. He had the biggest crocodile tears. We had booked this lady for another future date and the next day she texted me and said she wanted $20 an hour......likely story. I think my kid gave her a run for her money. R seems to be having a case of stranger danger. Let's hope it clears up soon because this mama needs nights out sans bambino! Any tips other mamas? Is this normal?
I can't believe summer is coming to an end. I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm glad. I am one of those weirdos who doesn't love summer. The start of fall excites me because it means the start of football, seasons and holidays, and I love nothing more than decorating and planning for holidays! R already has his Christmas Eve outfit and his Thanksgiving one is on the way from Zulily. Zulily is kind of like Amazon Prime.  My credit card is stored and I just click to purchase - TOTALLY. ADDICTING! But very bad for the credit card bills. They have the cutest baby things though, and for major discounts, so we don't have to count it as "real shopping." Now that's winning!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Baby Boy Nursery: Robby's Room Is Finished!

I finally finished R's room. Because he came a little early, it wasn't complete when he arrived! And then when he was here, I had about zero time/energy/composure to do anything for a while. We're finally back into somewhat of a routine (FOR NOW! Why does it feel like right when you can count on a "schedule" it all changes again?!?) and I have added the finishing touches to his room.

When I found out I was having a boy, I knew I wanted to do something with a navy, light blue, gray and white scheme. I always wanted to incorporate navy (for a boy or girl!) and wanted a mix of modern and traditional items. I'm not into anything too "babyish" looking. When people asked me what my "theme" was going to be, they definitely weren't going to hear "Peter Cottontail" or "Mickey Mouse." (But if that's your theme, I am sure it's AWESOME!) Can just "coordinating colors" be a theme? Because that's what mine is.

I bought a generic white bookshelf and made it my own by lining the back with a gray and white Greek key patterned material. (In case you are interested: To line the back, I measured each section between the shelving and cut white foam board - like the kind from elementary school science projects - to fit. Then I laid each piece of foam board on the fabric and cut and stapled. The last step is just pushing each fabric covered board into the back of the bookcase.) This project would not have been possible without the hubs! According to him, it was a b*tch to put together. This is what happens when you try to save $ and buy the cheaper bookshelf I think. The cheaper bookshelf is always a b*tch to put together. Thanks Andrew!

His changing table/dresser is from Pottery Barn Kids. I like that it doesn't scream baby and could be used elsewhere in the house in the future. The art hanging above the dresser is also from Pottery Barn Kids. (By the way, I like that I just said that my baby has "art" in his room. Let's be honest, it's probably just a mass-produced poster.) I think it adds a touch of whimsy! Who doesn't love a zebra holding a kite?


The curtains were made by a lady in Waco with fabric I picked out. I found it on clearance at a store that was closing and got a great deal. I love Roman shades and think they are perfect for a boys room.

R's crib was the very first thing that was bought for the room. It is from Bratt D├ęcor and I can't say enough good things about it. The hubs, on the other hand, says this one was a REAL b*tch to put together. I wouldn't know as I was asleep on the couch disappeared to do other chores during the put-together. Little man has slept here since he was about one week old. (Huge fail keeping him in our room for the first week but I couldn't get up the stairs yet. NO ONE got any sleep when he was in there with us. Our room sounded like a scene out of Aliens - R is a noisy sleeper). I didn't go overboard on the whole baby bedding thing- I just wanted something simple and clean. The crib skirt is from Serena & Lily and I took it to a local shop to have it monogrammed. The minky dot white bumpers are just from Carter's, which I ordered through Amazon. (If you aren't an Amazon Prime member you totally should be! Free two day shipping! And they store your credit card number so you don't even feel like you're spending $$$! The hubs LOVES it.)

The mobile hanging above R's bed features safari animals in different colors. This is about as "babyish" as I get. I wanted a pop of color here since the rest of the room is pretty mellow. I love classic, wooden mobiles versus plastic, newer looking ones. He loves staring at this and sometimes I think it buys me ten extra minutes after he wakes up! Score!

We ordered our glider through a friend's store (Babies on the Boulevard) here in town. She has the sweetest baby things! I love the navy color and would use it even if we have a girl someday (obviously by adding a pink pillow of course). My mom found the side table at a furniture outlet and came across the adorable elephant lamp at HomeGoods. Marmi has a knack for finding the perfect accessories. Having a baby definitely made me realize I have a thing for elephants.

That's it! I am sure I'll add/change things as R grows. I guess a room is never really "finished."

 P.S. The paint color on the walls is Sherwin -Williams "Feather Gray" but it looks more blue than gray.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

4-month Recap!

R turns 5 months on Friday so it's about time I recap his first four months! Thought I would share some of my favorite events and milestones from his little life so far.
  • First real bath in his tub! Gus loves to help. Unfortunately, he is not that helpful.

  • My first night out. We went to get sushi. When we got in the car to come home, I cried. Remember those crying spells I mentioned? Yeah. I might have been feeling a little emotional after one martini. Tipsy much? 9 months of no hard liquor catches up with you pretty fast. 
  • One of our first walks around the neighborhood. R loves being outside! It's like an instant cure to crying.
  • Tummy time with my non-helpful assistant Gus.
  • Here's one of the first times he looked at me like, "Mom, what the hell are you doing?" I'm sure it's the first of many. This photo was taken when he was in his 75-year-old bald man period and during a serious case of cradle cap.  Did you know to cure cradle cap you just rub baby oil on their head, let it sit about 10 minutes, then wash it every day until it's gone? I had always heard not to wash their hair everyday or it dries them out but it's the opposite. Thanks to our fab pediatrician, Dr. Readinger, for the tip!
  • One-month photo. Best one I could get. Sorry it's so sad to live with us! It's a hard life, but try not to cry about it so much.
  • Robby was born within two months of some of our good college friends' babies. Here they are meeting for the first time. Andy & Robby, Jeff & Shep, and Malcolm & George. It is so much fun to have friends with babies close in age. I recommend it if you can help it!

  • Robby's first trip to Waco. We went to celebrate my first Mother's Day. He is such a ladies' man.
  • Two-month photo. At least he's not crying in this one!
  • R's Baptism - Our families all came and it was such a special day. He slept through most of the service and was a total star when we went to brunch afterwards. He's pretty happy as long as I keep him fed! 


  • First trip to the pool. He loved it! Can't you tell?
  • First date with our neighbor's sweet baby girl. She looks disinterested. I don't think bald men are her type.
  • Robby and his friend George's first trip to Neiman's for lunch. They were complete troopers and indulged us by joining in on make-up shopping. Let me profess my love of my Baby Jogger City-Mini stroller here. EASIEST stroller ever to fold and take in and out of the car. Maybe I'm just not smart enough but I couldn't figure out how to fold any other stroller brand. LOVE, love, love it.
  • Three-month photo. We finally have more hair! R looks a little full. Like I said, he loves to eat!
  • First Fourth of July! We started the morning with a walk and then went swimming with friends. We hope to party harder next year.

 Here's a July 4, 2012 pre-baby photo of us in Vegas and a July 4, 2013 post-baby photo. Life sure did change fast! 
  • First trip to meet his great-grandparents! It was so neat to see four generations of Lombardi men together.

  • Four-month doctor's appointment. He hated the shots but we found out he grew to the 75th percentile in height and weight. This was great news! R may not be short! (Of course we love him no matter how tall he is.)