Thursday, February 27, 2014

Don't you just love a good monogram?

I love a good monogram. SUCH a great way to personalize something and make it special. And it doesn't HAVE to be expensive, y'all! My favorite items in Robby's wardrobe are shirts that I bought at Target and got monogrammed. It's my secret weapon to looking pulled together. Or do we just look pulled together in my mind?.....

Anyway, what can really be a pain is not having a go-to monogrammer for all your monogramming needs. I am here to solve your problems. Two sweet friends of mine started their own monogramming business called Monogramming Mamas! Check them out:

Here are some photos of the cuteness that they have done:
They make the sweetest seasonal items too. Look at these Easter pajamas they did for Mr. Robby!
His are the blue ones, obviously. Have you seen anything cuter in your life? I didn't think so. I CAN'T wait to show y'all a photo of him in them. But he is napping right now (praise God from whom all blessing flow), and I don't think he is in the mood to play dress up. There's always this afternoon, though.

If you need something monogrammed, give Monogramming Mamas a try. They are so reasonable and get things done quickly. And the sky is the limit on what you can get monogrammed. They've done clothing, pillow shams, towels, place mats, bags, etc. Way to go mamas! 

Happy Thursday!

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