Monday, March 17, 2014

Mommy Must Haves: March Favorites

I'm a little late on posting my March favorites because it has been a crazy month! Mr. Robby turned ONE and I spent the beginning of March getting things ready for, and then recovering from, his birthday - which I will post about soon. I have found that no matter how big or small the event, it is a WHOLE. LOT. of work to have a party. But, how can you not have a party to celebrate your baby's first year of life?! Luckily, we had lots of help and it turned out just perfectly.

March is so fun because it gives us hope that warmer weather is on the way. I'm already looking forward to pool time this summer. Let me just say that Robby's summer wardrobe is going to be CA-UTE! I have found some of the sweetest little boy outfits for warm weather and I can't wait to share them with you later. Here are the items I'm loving this March:

  • Bumble and Bumble Spray de Mode hairspray - If you need to use hairspray but want it to look like you didn't use any, this is the product for you! I have been using this for probably ten years now. One can will last you a long time - I bet I only buy two cans per year. It smells light and fresh and holds your style without being sticky or hard. You can brush through it and it still holds curl. Bumble and Bumble has so many great products, this is just one. Check out their shampoos and conditioners too. I love everything that I've tried from this company!
  • La Croix Curate sparkling water in Cherry Lime - This tastes like warm weather in a can! Similar to a cherry limeade from Sonic but without all the calories. I have loved La Croix sparkling waters forever and this new flavor has me buying it by the case. Plus, it would probably be just delicious with a splash of vodka....
  • Old Navy Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans - OK I have an obsession with these jeans. I think I may have them in 10 different colors and patterns. The best thing is that they are cheap. And cheap in a good way. Not like cheap looking cheap. But cheap like you can afford 10 pairs cheap. They are almost ALWAYS on sale. They're a great way to go out on a limb and try something new if you've never worn colored or patterned denim. If you end up not loving the color you buy, it's really no big deal because you didn't spend an arm and leg on them. You can still afford to order another color. Winning! Spring is the perfect time to brighten up your wardrobe, too. And don't be scared that they say "super skinny" in the name....they are very flattering. Try these out - I think you'll love them.
  • Birthday Cake flavored M&M's - Yes. You read that right. Birthday. Cake. M&Ms. I am a sucker for anything cake flavored (ice cream, cookies, the list goes on) so I had to try these. And they did not disappoint. I am trying super hard to not eat the whole bag at once. I put them in a jar in my kitchen and told myself I am only allowed two at a time....however, I didn't really limit how many times per day I can have them so we'll see how that works out.
Happy March, my friends! I hope your month is filled with warm days and birthday cake flavored M&Ms!

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