Monday, November 11, 2013

Mommy Must Haves: November Favorites

We are all finally well in our household! Hallelujah! Now if we can just stay that way through the Holidays. November is one of my favorite months. The cooler weather has me feeling festive and I'm already thinking about Christmas. If you need a few more ideas for Santa, check out my Mommy Must Haves for November.

  • JOICO K-PAK Color Therapy Shampoo - After pregnancy, my hair was in terrible shape. My child sucked the life out of it. Hope it was delicious, Robby. It sure wasn't left looking delicious. I don't want to scare anyone but can we say shedding much? I cannot believe I'm not bald after the amount of hair I found on the floor, in the shower, and everywhere. #sick (This would fall into the "I don't have amnesia from that post-pregnancy issue yet" category). This shampoo is really gentle and helps add shine. Sometimes I can find the huge bottle of it at Marshall's on the cheap.
  • Indigo by Clarks Boots - I feel like riding boots go with anything and give you that effortlessly pulled together look. OK, I probably wouldn't wear them with a bikini. But I bet Princess Kate could pull that off. My faves are from a few years ago. They are made by a division of Clarks but I swear they don't look grandma-ish at all. And they're so comfy, who cares who makes them? AND they don't cost $1,000,000. Woohoo! More saved money for my babysitter/vacation bank. Because I am determined to go on a vacation soon. Even if I have to call in the British Super Nanny from that show on TV. I have an available room for Jo. Isn't her name Jo? Has anyone participated in one of those "au pair" exchange programs? I might be on to something....Actually, this just in - Marmi told me when she was here helping us during our week from hell to start calendar planning so she can block off some dates to keep little R. She has to coordinate with my sister Allison of course, now that she has baby James. Marmi is awesome at juggling two little grandbabies so close in age! She had twins so she is totally cut out for this.
  • Nutella snack packs - These just make me happy. If you don't like Nutella, I'm not sure if we can be friends. It can really turn your day around. Count me in for chocolate-hazelnut goodness paired with tiny little breadsticks. Carbs and chocolate. The end.
  • Dead Sea Spa Anti-Aging Night Cream - My little sister Caitlin introduced me to this face cream. It smells divine. It is really rich and moisturizing, and with such a good smell it must be doing something good for my face. I've only been using it for about a month but so far I love it. It's on the heavier side which is nice for the cooler weather. Get outta here fine lines!
  • OPI Nail Lacquer in Glitzerland - OK, I cheated on my girl Sally this month. OPI is NOT a quick dry polish like Sally Hansen, but I love this color so much that I can rationalize my cheating ways. I have been looking for a good shimmery gold polish for awhile and this one fits the bill. So festive!
Hope your November is going marvelously. My goal tonight is to add a few Thanksgiving touches to the house. I'm really having to restrain myself from getting started on Christmas decor. Happy Monday!

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