Sunday, November 24, 2013

Baby Must Haves: Month Eight

Robby turned eight months old on November 9! We are getting closer to the one-year mark and I'm kind of freaking out. What happened to my teeny tiny baby? It's one of those best/worst at the same time kind of things. Best because you get (a little) more sleep as they get older and their little personalities evolve. Worst because you realize how fast time passes. Tear.

Here are our baby must haves for month eight!

  • Nuby teething ring - Teething blows. This helps. Poor babies. Robby can be screaming bloody murder and this gets him calm immediately. He loves it! He also loves these that you can keep in the fridge.
  • Sophie the Giraffe - Still loving Sophie. Not sure what it is about this toy but it is like baby crack. It's been a must have since about three months.
  • Aden and Anais Security Blankets - We started letting Robby sleep with "lovies" when he was about 5 1/2 months old. He loves to rub these on his face while he sleeps. We put two in his crib, one at either end so he can always find one. They come in packs of two so it works out perfectly! Breathable, soft, hold up in the washer. Love them.
  • Peg Perego Convertible Car Seat - We originally got the Britax Marathon for my car, which gets rave reviews but just didn't work out as our main car seat. The sides of the Marathon came up a little high which made it a huge pain to get Robby in and out of, especially in the rear-facing position. *By the way, how long are most people doing this rear-facing situation? I realize its all for safety but I can't wait until R can face the front. I think he'll be happier. With all the car seat rules, I feel like he may be in a car seat when I am dropping him off at school in 7th grade. That'll definitely get him some friends. Ha. I guess if all the other kids are doing it too, then we'll be ok. Come to think of it, I believe I may qualify to ride in a car seat. There is one out there, the Diono Radian that is built for occupants up to 120 pounds. (We also tried out the Radian but returned it. It was a BEAST! And I don't drive a Suburban, so it had to go). OK back to the Peg Perego. VERY easy to get R in and out. (lower sides), comfy, and easy to install. Made in Italy. Sleek-looking. Love those Italians. Pricey but worth the investment, considering how long they have to ride in a car seat.
  • OXO Tot Sprout High Chair - We tried to get away with the Fisher-Price Space Saver chair and R hated it. He screamed every time I put him in it. This OXO chair is awesome. It looks modern and is a breeze to clean, which is always appreciated.
  • Bag Balm - If your baby has had a bad case of diaper rash, I feel your pain. This stuff was apparently originally made to use on cow udders...but now has a cult following for diaper rash. (And after a little research I discovered that it is also a phenomenal moisturizer ladies). Slather it on baby's tiny hiney (or in R's case, large hiney), and see the results almost immediately. We were able to find it at a local mom and pop pharmacy in town, but you can always get it on Amazon.
Robby Eight-month Update
 Our little guy loves yogurt and bananas, taking baths, being outside, crawling around the house, and anything involving not being still.  Playing with Tupperware is a new favorite game. I keep saying I am going to get into a solid work out routine but chasing and carrying around all 21.8 pounds of him has proven to be pretty good exercise.
R is not a fan of most table foods yet. Except for ice cream. Don't judge. He hates anything involving being still. Diaper changes are like a wrestling match up in here. He's also not a fan of strangers getting up in his face at the grocery store.....sorry little old ladies. By the way, what is it about people that makes them think it is ok to TOUCH someone's child in wonder we have been sick. Ugh. #alwayscarryhandsanitizerwipes #OCDprobs

He drinks around 4 bottles a day with "food" three times in between his bottles. On a fussy day, sometimes we have to have 5 bottles. Fine by me if it makes him happy. Take that BabyWhisperer book! (Just kidding - I do actually give some credit to the Eat, Play, Sleep Routine and this book for helping us get Robby sleeping through the night). Most days he takes two naps that vary in length from 45 minutes to two hours. Let me tell you how I love those two hour nap days. I love them. I never let him sleep longer than that for fear he won't sleep well at night. And we simply He dropped his third nap about a month ago.

That about sums up month eight! My little turkey hopes you are all having the best November.

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