Thursday, July 24, 2014

Toddler Must Haves: Months Fifteen and Sixteen

Mr. R turned 16-months!!!! old on July 9. I am feeling like he is such a little boy now. And not a baby. He has a rather strong stubborn streak personality and most definitely wants things his way. All the time. Don't we all? But he is so much fun. Fun meaning he refuses to be still EVER and continues to abuse me during diaper changes. I have some nice bruises on my stomach as a souvenir of a rather lengthy change yesterday. I'll spare you the details but will say the washing machine was involved if you know what I mean. It's just no fun to have your diaper changed without kicking the crap out of your mom while getting things messy. Very messy. #lysol

Our goal these days is to stay busy. We spend a lot of time going to the pool (which is entertaining for about 30 minutes before he is totally over it and running like a mad man for the "big pool" section), going to the museum, and going on lots of early morning strolls in the BOB (BEST stroller ever if you do a lot of outdoor activities). We do still love our City Mini for errands. Because my little prince weighs 27 pounds, and doesn't stay still (or have the capability of listening - WHEN is that going to happen?!), a stroller is essential if we go anywhere that we may have to wait in a line or be contained. Just so you know, "containment" and "toddler" don't really go well together. With my toddler anyway. He be cray.

Robby 15/16 month update:

Current favorites: sliced bananas, grapes, watermelon, turkey, ham, cheese, avocado, and carbs, duh. The kid won't eat a vegetable to save his life so we just keep offering it and one day maybe he'll warm up to the idea. I thought he would NEVER be able to get off of pouches but we pretty much just took them away cold-turkey and he magically started to like more table foods. I recently gave all of our leftover pouches to my sister for her sweet babe. Sad day that there's no more baby food in our house. Sniff, sniff. After the trouble we had with Robby accepting table foods, I am going to make a much better effort with our next baby to introduce "real foods" earlier on and not just rely on the pouches.

Other favorites include: playing with blocks, being outside, pulling all the shoes off the shelves in my closet, screaming while running through the house like a maniac, and throwing all the food off his high chair tray then eating it off the floor.

Nice little breakfast. Off the floor.
Backyard fun! One side of this is supposed to have sand but y'all know my OCD can't handle that.
I think someone's been in my closet...
Least favorites: diaper changes, getting dressed, and being in his car seat for more than an hour. Those all involve being still...

He is starting to say lots of words. Some recent ones are: wall, fan, light, water (wa-wa), this, that, wow, woah, hey, hi, bye, dog, woof! I just about die every time he makes an animal sound. 

Fisher Price Shape Sorter - Mr. R loves to carry this bucket around. His favorite part is dumping all the shapes out. Over. And over. And over again. It's funny how loud noises used to bother me and now I can't even hear the ruckus of crashing toys on my concrete floors. If it keeps him occupied we're all happy! By the way, I despise my concrete floors. One day when I find some extra hundred dolla bills y'all laying around I'm putting hardwoods in the entire downstairs. Just throwin' that out there.

Aden and Anais Security Blankets - These are still a major favorite at our house. We introduced these when Robby was about 6-months old and I really believe they are part of the reason he goes down at night so easily. Let's not talk about what time he wakes up in the morning though. He is very attached to these blankets so we'll keep them around. Sometimes when I miss Robby while he is at Mother's Does Laundry, Clean, and Run Errands Day Out, I go into his room and smell these little blankies. Cause they smell like him. And I loooooove it.

Shortalls and Rompers - OK so my darling angel baby has developed a new, very disturbing habit. He sticks his hands down the back of his pants. Into his diaper. Well, we all know what can be lurking in diapers, so this is not good. I actually don't think Robby does this intentionally but that it is just one of his strange little habits. I still put him in shorts (and I just have to be really good at detecting and changing him IMMEDIATELY in case of you know what) but have been putting him in one pieces most of the time. This too shall pass. In case you didn't know, there are adorable options for a 16-month old who needs a one-piece. Robby wears a size 24-month or 2T now and I have been able to find some at Carter's and also locally at my friend's CA-UTE shop, Babies on the Boulevard.

Foam Blocks - These little blocks are great because they are lightweight and can't hurt anything/anyone. Which is key if you have a child who enjoys throwing things. They also have letters and numbers on them so Robby is sure to become even more of a genius as he learns the alphabet and how to count while he plays!

Munchkin Snack Catchers - I wouldn't dare leave the house without food for R. Snacks are pretty much how I can get anything done these days, making these snack cups an absolute must have. Trips to Target are so much easier with goldfish in hand. If there's ever a time that food equals happiness, it's when you're a toddler.

Happy Friday Eve Everyone!

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