Thursday, July 17, 2014

More Summer Must Haves

Are you having a good Thursday? Need an escape from your daily routine? Bored at your desk at work? Children and/or husbands driving you nuts? Well, I can't help you with all of those things but I CAN give you a few more of my summer favorites! Some of these aren't actually just for summer. Most of them I'll use year round. Maybe except for the shorts. Because I don't really wanna wear shorts during our one month of Texas winter. When it may be below 70 degrees. Brrrr!

Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo - So my hair has quite a bit of GF. GF means grease factor. It gets kinda greasy. And sometimes I just really, really don't want to wash it and then have to dry it. And fix it. And spend time doing hair when I can be doing something much more productive. Like catching up on The Real Housewives of New Jersey...Who else is excited the Jersey girls are back?! What I love about this spray is that it isn't powdery like other dry shampoos. It won't leave that white-colored residue that you have to brush out because it is not talc-based. I will caution you though: Use this with a very light hand. Or you will look like a scarecrow. It adds SERIOUS texture so only spray your roots. The first time I used it I sprayed it all over and let's just say that I could have put my hair in Pippy Longstocking ponytails and it would have stayed. For a week. I hope y'all know who Pippy Longstocking is.

Coconut Oil - OBSESSED. My sweet mother-in-law got me onto coconut oil a few years ago. It can be used for SO many things, which I love. #bangforyourbuck #winning #moremoneyforshoes I use it as an all over moisturizer/lotion, a face mask, and even as a hair mask. When you scoop it out of the jar, it will be solid, but if you rub it in your hands for a few seconds, it turns into liquid. Oh, I also made chocolate chip cookies with it and they were delish! This is the recipe if you're interested.

Crystal Light On The Go Drink Mix - I have been trying to drink tons of water to stay hydrated in this heat. It's also so good for your skin! And who doesn't want beautiful skin? Plain old water can get a little boring after a while so I've been using these cute little packets to add some flavor. I love that they come in individual packets so I can throw them in my purse. And they only add 5 calories so you don't have to feel bad about it. I despise drinking my calories because I'd rather eat them. But I'll make an exception for wine or vodka, ok? My current fave flavor is Peach Tea. I made the lemonade flavor for the guys painting my house last week and they seemed to like it too so give it a try!

Patterned Shorts - I used to hate shorts. But I have learned to embrace them. It is just too dang hot to wear any kind of pants in this heat. There are SO many cute and affordable short options out there this summer. My favorite pair is actually from Target but Old Navy and J.Crew also have lots to choose from. This is a great time to buy shorts and stock up for next summer because they are already on sale so stores can make room for FALL, which I cannot wait for! Pumpkin is already calling my name!

Happy Middle of Summer Everyone! And Happy Day Before Friday!

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