Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mommy Must Haves: January Favorites

January is half-way over. Crazy! I've been super busy. Doing things like wiping snot, cleaning R's behind (at least it's a pretty cute behind), and slamming back peanut butter M&Ms. Just keeping the dream alive. Oh, and also working at my real job and doing some of my "own work." Most recently, I've done a few party invitations and some birthday banners for friends. I'm always adding things to my Etsy shop too, although I have not listed invitations on there just yet. I'm still trying to decide if I want to have to deal with the general population concerning invitations...Kidding! I'm sure most of you are the nicest people ever. In all seriousness, I really have conversed with some of the NICEST people on Etsy. It's a great little community of shoppers. Do let me know if you have something coming up and have paper needs. I can usually accommodate a quick turnaround. Seems like it's how I work best!

On to my January must-haves! This list came to me really easily this month, I even have a few things I'm saving for February...

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs- OK so I am not tan. That's actually putting it mildly. I'm the opposite. I am pale. Snowflake-ish if you will. What's not fun for the snowflake girls is wearing a short skirt with no tights in January. Unless you have Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. My girl Sally does it again with this awesome product. Just spray a little of this in your hand, then rub it onto your leg. Repeat until you aren't as snowflake-ish. You aren't going to look like you just returned from Barbados, but you will, however, have a nice glow a shade or two darker than you really are. I use the lightest version they make (light glow for fair skin tones) so as not to look spray-tanned orange. Remember mystic tan? If you aren't as pale as me, knock yourself out with Sally's medium or tan glows.

PJ Salvage Flannel Pajamas- Who doesn't love flannel? Sexy, right? I don't care. I am obsessing lately. I still can't get enough of my favorite Land's End flannel shirts and now I'm loving these PJs. Flannel feels so right on a cold January night. This brand has tons of cute patterns and their jammies are oh-so-soft.

eos Lip Balm- Nothing like the dead of winter to bring out the best in your lips. I am a lip balm addict and this is the best lip balm ever. There are tons of fun flavors and my current favorite is strawberry sorbet. It's sitting on my nightstand as we speak. I may or may not apply it 500 times before bed. The containers are cute little spheres with tops that twist on and off.

Essie nail polish in "Penny Talk"- I am still continuing my venture exploring new nail polish colors. I have been testing out lots of metallic shades lately and this is my hands-down favorite so far. It's a coppery-gold shade, and it doesn't have a streaky look like lots of metallic polishes do after being applied. And guess what the best thing about it is? It gets the job done in ONE coat. HOLLA. Ain't nobody got time for three coats of polish plus dry time. Not people with kids who need butt-wiping anyway.

Hope your January is spectacular in every way!

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