Thursday, January 9, 2014

Baby Must Haves: Month Ten

Ten months have flown by since little R joined the Lombardi party. I'm already planning the big first birthday. Crazy. Here are our ten-month baby must haves!

Fisher Price Walker Toys - These are a blessing and a curse. Robby LOVES it. It is a total trip for me to see him walking with it. He kind of looks like a slow 85-year-old man cruising with his walker. Where did my baby go? I feel like he'll be moving out tomorrow....or worse, bringing home a girlfriend.....NOOOOOOO! Anyway, the only minor problem is this walker does increase the bruise rate going on at our house. Sometimes R gets a little industrious and starts running behind this thing which usually ends in a fall. I still think it's a must have! #anythingtobuymetenminutes

Aden and Anais Sleep Sacks - I love the idea of Robby cuddling up under blankets and having a peaceful night's sleep. However, he moves allllll over the place in his crib and blankets would never stay on him. Sleep sacks stay in place and keep him snug as a bug til morning (which is hopefully post 6:00 am). We tried to go without the sleep sack altogether and just put him down in footed jammies but he started waking up at 5:00 am.....I researched this on google (duh), and there is a little phenomenon known as a "temperature drop" around 4 am, causing some babies to wake up cold. Back to the sleep sack and more sleep. Yay!

Tommee Tippee Rubber Bibs - I love everything about these. It's so nice to be able to just throw them in the sink and rinse them off. Ten-month olds make a HUGE mess when they eat. Like ENORMOUS mess. This whole learning to self-feed thing is kinda painful for me to watch....lots of food ends up NOT being eaten. Actually, is he even eating at all? His belly certainly says so. These bibs have little pouches on them that catch lots of the falling food, which helps with clean-up. You can always find them on Amazon, and usually at Target.

Keter Baby Bath Tub Ring Seat - Robby is totally cray in the tub. (I know I just said "cray" and that I am over 30 and apparently should not use that word anymore according to an article on facebook but I really want to). If we did not have this tub seat, I am not sure how in the world we would give him a bath....It contains him and forces him to be somewhat still so we can clean him. And he really needs his bath these days so thank goodness for this. Boys are messy.

Ten months is a fun age. But it's very busy, I tell you. Robby's new favorite foods include tiny pieces of ham, turkey, and cheese. And don't get me started on Cheerios. The kid loves carbs and I think if I let him, he would only eat Cheerios. He is refusing to let me feed him with a spoon a lot of the time. He wants to do it himself now....Oy. Let's hope he remembers that mommy is in charge. I somehow feel that we are already in a losing battle on this...

Robby loves anything that makes noise. The more obnoxious the better. Favorite games are beating on anything and everything while screaming about it, licking the dishwasher, and hoarding kitchen utensils and tupperware with the rest of his toys. I had been wondering where my favorite spatula the toy box, duh.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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  1. What a cute blog & sweet boy!!! My daughter is 17 months, my picks for month ten would be very similar. ;)