Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February Must Haves

I have taken a major blogging hiatus since October! Oops.

This is what has been going on the last few months: stomach bug, cold, sinus infection, then repeat x 2. Followed by broken garage door, shattered iPhone screen, and a rumor that Robby's college fund was gonna get the crap taxed out of it. (Thank God that isn't the case. I really want to be able to send this kid to college without having to live on beans and rice. K? Thankssss).

This multiple rounds of sickness stuff happens to us at the exact same time of year every.single.year. Remember this?

I think we just aren't built for winter. Being a 5th generation Texan, I'm almost certain that me and my people don't know how to stay warm and/or healthy in weather that is below 60 degrees. I'm getting desperate to keep us all in good health so as we speak I have my diffuser going with On Guard oil, I've drank more than one Emergen-C, there is a humidifier running, and we are slathering ourselves in Lavender oil at night so we can get good sleep. If you walk in my front door right now it smells and feels like a cross between a hippie pharmacy and a greenhouse. Hey, whatever works.

Here's my list of February favorites! Enjoy!

Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes Mascara - My sister introduced me to this mascara. It doesn't clump AT ALL and gives a nice, thick coat to your lashes. It's cheap, it's easy to find, and it works. Winner.

Aveda Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil - Winter can be so hard on one's hair. If you're feeling like a scarecrow, try this oil. It smells amazing and doesn't leave you feeling greasy at all. Rub a few drops onto the ends of your hair and you will see a huge difference. You can purchase it on the Aveda web site, at a local Aveda salon, or I also saw it on my beloved Amazon. I've been using it for a few years and highly recommend it.

Quilted Riding Boots - Boots are my winter go to. I am loving all the quilted styles. I recently got these and wear them every week. They seem pretty sturdy and I think they'll last for at least a few winters. Always a plus when winter rolls around and you can pull boots out from last year!

Suzanna Dai Earrings - Sometimes you need a little sparkle in your life. These earrings are perfect for that. They are backed in leather and are SO lightweight and easy to wear. Her items can run on the pricey side but check out her SALES! The sale items are always changing and you can get a great deal on some really unique items. These would make a great Valentine's gift from your man (or woman, or friend! Just being PC here...) Are there even any men reading this? I didn't think so...

Stovetop Slow Cooker - Y'all. There is now a crock pot you can use on the stove AND the regular ol' way of plugged in and sitting on the counter. You know how recipes always call for browning your meat first and then transferring to the slow cooker? Well now you don't have to use two pots! HALLELUJAH! Isn't that amazing? You can brown the meat or sautee onions or whatever your fancy using the slow cooker insert on the stove and then just toss that insert onto the heating base and plug it in. Mine is West Bend but I saw several different brands online. #grannyoverherelovesacrockpot

Happy Tuesday!

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