Friday, September 12, 2014

It's Finally Fall: September Must Haves

And just like's fall! THANK YOU JESUS. Fall has arrived. Goodbye 100 degree days. Hopefully. It is Texas, and we never really know when we're out of the woods from scorching hot days. I'd say we're in the clear by December. Ha. But seriously.

Fall starts my most favorite time of year! I'm already craving pumpkin everything. If you're a pumpkin fan, check out my favorite fall coffee cake recipe from last year here. It's so delicious and completely worth the effort.

Last year's fall was filled with fun two rounds of stomach bug, sinus infections, and a dash of worst cold ever thrown in for good measure. I'm hopeful that this fall is full of cocktails in lieu of colds and fun instead of flu-like symptoms. Speaking of, get your flu shot! If you believe in that kind of thing. I do and I want everyone else to too. So we don't all get the flu. After you get your flu shot, reward yourself by shopping for my September must haves!
  • Nature's Wick Pumpkin Nutmeg Candle - Y'all this candle makes my heart sing. Cause I'm a wild thing. Wild about pumpkin, that is. It smells like you are nestled in an oven with a freshly baked pie. Ummm, but it's not like a too hot oven. Just one that's been left on the "keep warm" setting. Does your oven have that? Mine does and it's awesome. Sorry I don't have a link for you to purchase but I haven't been able to find it online - however, it can be found at Target so it won't break the bank. Peace, love, and savings.
  • Essie Over the Edge Nail Polish- Gunmetal gray nails were seen all over the runways during New York Fashion Week this past week and I'm totally on board. Come fall, I like to go moodier with my polish, and gunmetal fits the bill. One of my favorites is Essie's Over the Edge. It's a silvery black (I guess that makes it gray?) that's perfect for cooler weather. Disclaimer: You do have to apply more than one coat as the first coat goes on pretty sheer. 
  • Revlon ColorBurst Lipgloss in Crystal Lilac - Pastels are also making a big appearance this fall. I'm having a hard time getting on board with pastels in my fall wardrobe, so pastel lip gloss it is. This particular shade is an old favorite of mine. It's very similar to a Chanel glossimer color, Jaipur, that I religiously wore until it got discontinued. Womp, womp. Why do the best lip colors get discontinued time and time again? Chanel, shame on you! And Revlon, if you're listening please don't ever discontinue your ColorBurst Lipgloss in Crystal Lilac. Because then, I just don't know what I'd do.
  • Justin's Vanilla Almond Butter - If you've tried almond butter but think it's a little too bland for your taste buds, this is for you. Justin's Vanilla Almond butter is SO delicious. I eat it on eggos, toast, apples, and straight out of the jar. Good ole Justin makes some other awesome flavors too, including chocolate and maple. Something about almond butter on apples just says fall. Pick some up on your next Target or Central Market run!
Happy Friday everyone! And more importantly, happy FALL!

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