Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer Must Haves: Mama (or not) Edition

Hot days, humidity, and mosquitoes. Ahhhh, Texas summer. This is going to sound absolutely cray, but I have always been one of those gals who could just skip over summer. I do LOVE my pool time, but ugh, the heat. Oh, and the fact that I burn in like 2.5 seconds. Not blessed with Brazilian skin, y'all. Obviously, fall and winter are my faves because of the holidays, but if I have to do summer, I want to do it right. Here are my summer must haves!

Caldrea candles - These candles smell amazing. My current favorite is their signature scent, Vanilla Lemon. And you can pick these up at Target which is a major plus. I just love Target. Where else can you get toilet paper and home decor in one place? Oh yeah, HEB. But we don't have one here in the F-Dub. I hope some major executive from HEB is reading this. I WILL single-handedly support your store if you build one near me. OK, maybe not but I can fo sho find friends to shop there too. PLEASE.

Neutrogena Clear Face Sunscreen - I have worn sunscreen on my face since high school. Thanks Marmi Rose for teaching me about good skin care. Typically I wear Olay daily moisturizer with SPF but I feel that I need something heavier in the summer since we are outside so much more. This Neutrogena sunscreen has an SPF of 55. Yes 55. And it doesn't smell bad or make you break out because it is oil free. If you need a reason to wear sunscreen, wear it because it will help protect your face from sunburns and wrinkles. Oh, and cancer. There. I gave you not one but three reasons to wear it. WEAR SUNSCREEN y'all.

All For Color Tote Bag - I am loving all things brightly colored. There has been a major trend of neon colors for awhile now, and these bags are the perfect way to work it into your style if you are afraid of actually wearing neon. These totes are water resistant, come in fun patterns, and look great monogrammed. Perfect for the pool, beach, and great as a carry-on for summer travel. I have the Moroccan tile pattern and it's my new favorite bag. You can order online or if you are in the DFW area, Spoiled Pink carries them.

Clorox 2 Stain Fighter and Color Booster - Summer brings grass stains, BBQ spills, and snow cone dribbles. This stuff is nothing short of amazing. I have been able to remove set-in stains that have been through the dryer. For people who don't know much about laundry, when a stain has been through the dryer, it can be nearly impossible to remove. My mom told me about this Clorox 2 situation and it is the best stain remover I have ever used. Bold statement but oh so true. You can use it to pre-treat stains before laundering by just pouring a little on the stain and letting it sit for a bit and you can also add it to your detergent to keep colors bright and stain-free.

Swim Cover-Up - Everyone needs a great cover-up for pool time, and I have the perfect one for you! Old Navy for the win with their chic, cheap, and fun cover-ups. I recently got the teal-colored one pictured above and it's awesome. I was a little worried that the pom pom fringe wouldn't hold up in the wash but it has done fine. I just love finding something that looks more expensive than it really was and this is one of those!

Hope your summer is off to a fabulous start. Coming up soon, I'll be posting my favorite baby/toddler summer must haves. Happy Thursday! I don't know about y'all but I'm counting down to the happiest hour of all! Is it 5:00 yet?

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