Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's Fall Y'all!

My first chalkboard message! I have been meaning to make a chalkboard for years....then I had a baby and realized I was just gonna have to buy one. Cause no one got time for that. I found this one at Marshall's.
As I type this, I sit here smelling the heart-warming scent of warm apple pie and delicious pumpkin bread wafting through the house. No, I wasn't THAT industrious. It's not the real thing, but my favorite fall candle, of course. It's called Autumn Harvest and I am rationing it because I simply cannot find it at Target this year. I have two leftover from last fall, and as soon as September hit, I rushed to purchase 100 more. They are nowhere to be found! Target, if you're reading this, please bring back the Scent Portfolio Autumn Harvest candle ASAP. I'm not sure how long I can ration my current stash. It is just SO delicious smelling. Candles make me ridiculously happy. This brings me to a list of my fall favorites!
  • Numero Uno: Obviously, the Scent Portfolio Autumn Harvest candle from Target.
  • Numero Dos (I've been doing a little too much Rosetta Stone lately -Nerd Alert, I know): Boots. Ok, so I know it's still too hot in Texas to be excited about wearing boots. But I just love them. Fall dressing is so easy when you can throw on leggings and boots. Preferably with a sweater dress. PLEASE for the love of boots, cool down already. I'd take a high of 85 at this point. And I'd leave the house in a jacket if the high was 75, y'all. I am really wanting the boots pictured below. Maybe next paycheck. Que the music......She works hard for the money, dun dun so hard for the moneyyyyyy.....and she wants to buy these bootssssss. If you aren't familiar with zappos.com, you need to be. That's where I found these boots. Next day shipping and free returns, everybody! I might like zappos.com even more than amazon.com.
    OK so I know these are pricey and I probably can't justify the cost, but I love them so much.
  • Numero Tres: Tailgate Food. Gotta love an excuse to eat junk food, and tailgating/football watching is a good one. These poppyseed ham and cheese sliders are always a hit and so easy for feeding a crowd. I made them for July 4th and plan on doing so again while we watch football this week. Yum!
Hope this is readable. I don't have the time nor the patience to retype it today! Why didn't I sign R up for one more day of Mother's Day Out?!?! Then I would have all the time in the world to retype recipes for you.
  • Numero Quatro: Pumpkin. I love all foods pumpkin. Here's my favorite pumpkin bar recipe. These are perfect if you're in charge of dessert for Thanksgiving and you don't dig pie.

That completes my fall favorites for now.

In other news, R turned 6 months old on September 9. He is such a sugar biscuit nugget. That's what I want to call him all day long while I squeeze his rolls. His 6-month appointment isn't until next week but I am fairly certain he is near 20 pounds. My biceps know. Here are some recent photos of what we've been up to.
  • Robby's First Day of School! He totally stuck out his bottom lip and whimpered when I handed him over to the teachers but they sent me pictures of him smiling later in the day. It wasn't as hard as I though it would be to leave him, but I think it's because I love where he is going so much. I spent the day at work, so it wasn't really a "Mother's Day Out" for me. Sigh. I do actually really like my job though. I am going to try to start getting a babysitter one day a week so I can get out and remember a world exists beyond this house. I think it will make me a better Mom. Are you reading this Andrew Lombardi? Mama.needs.a.day.out. Not that I don't miss my biscuit when I'm away from him though, because I do! SO MUCH!
  • I discovered that R loves to sit in this little high chair and play with his toys! Mind-blowing, I know. He can't sit up on his own yet so this is perfect for him. I got this Space Saver high chair at Buy Buy Baby. Love that it straps onto any chair and I can keep it hidden in the closet when needed so we don't look so much like a Kiddies Wonderland up in here. I am still on the lookout for an antique wooden high chair, but this will have to do until I find the perfect one.
  • Robby loves him some baby yoga. I would like to know when we lose this flexibility. I tried this pose myself and my foot doesn't go past my knee, pretty much.

  • Here's R plugging his ears letting me know he wants me to stop singing. My singing would fall into his 6-month least favorite things category, along with being still, car rides longer than 30 minutes, and butternut squash. Not a squash lover. R's 6-month favorites are peas, bath time, peek-a-boo, Sophie the Giraffe, and his resident best friend, Gus.
  • Here's R with his Aunt Allison and Uncle Patrick. We took a little solo road trip last weekend to visit Alie.  She is in the hospital on bed rest until my nephew James arrives. She has a condition called vasa previa. Luckily, she and James are doing very well so far, and she is so, so lucky that this diagnosis was made as it is life saving. Many times it goes undiagnosed, which can be fatal to the baby. We are sending positive vibes their way and are so excited to meet James. Robby is over the moon to have a cousin and I am ecstatic to be an aunt!
Hope you have enjoyed your start to fall! Here's to cooler weather REAL soon!


  1. This whole post made me smile :)
    Praying for your sweet sister and baby James!

  2. Adrienne- I think I saw this candle a couple days ago at the Target by Ridgmar Mall! Robby is growing up so fast. We need to see him soon!

    1. Yes let's get together soon! And thanks for letting me know about the candle- I will go take a look over there!