Saturday, August 24, 2013


Robby will turn 6 months old on September 9th. I can't believe it. 6 months. Half a year. It just goes so fast. This is my favorite "baby stage." I say that every month. But I mean it this time. Some of my favorite Robby moments lately:
  • His laughter. I can't get enough. It makes me want to eat him up. He has started interacting with Gus and they are so funny. Gus likes to play a game called "Steal The Burpcloth and Shake It Like You're Killing A Squirrel." (You may not have heard of it - I don't think it was around when we were babies). This game makes Robby laugh hysterically. I picture them being best buds forever. Until Robby gets a little brother. Just kidding! A sister, of course.

  • He fakes coughing to get attention. It's hilarious. Whenever he used to cough, I would go up to him and tickle him and ask if he is ok. Now when he coughs, I'll go over and check on him and he starts laughing at me. Sigh. I wonder what's to come when he's 12. He'll probably be pulling much more advanced pranks than the fake cough. I'm going to have to really keep my guard up around here. ;)

  • He loves baby oatmeal cereal. Carrots and sweet potatoes - not so much. I can't shovel oatmeal into his mouth fast enough. R is a complex carb lover. The rolls prove it. Check out those thunder thighs. And don't judge...I realize I have him in his bumbo on the kitchen table, but I am right in front of him, so it would be pretty hard for him to fall off the table. At least I think...Anyways, we're getting a high chair soon!

  • We went to music class for the first time. R loves music. Something tells me most babies do. He gets really into it. I feel like he is composing notes in his head. It probably goes back to the Similac Sensitive. It seems to just make him SO smart. I kid, I kid. What it really probably goes back to is he get it from his mama. The smarts, that is, NOT musical talent. Don't make me show you the video of my 4th grade solo in my elementary school's rendition of Annie.
  • This isn't a favorite thing, but he started rolling over to sleep on his stomach. It freaks me out. Every time. I can't stand it. I guess I'll get over it.
  • Keeping on the not a favorite thing theme, R threw the hugest fit I've ever seen when we had a babysitter he had never had before. Parent fail. Guess we need to stick with regulars. He had the biggest crocodile tears. We had booked this lady for another future date and the next day she texted me and said she wanted $20 an hour......likely story. I think my kid gave her a run for her money. R seems to be having a case of stranger danger. Let's hope it clears up soon because this mama needs nights out sans bambino! Any tips other mamas? Is this normal?
I can't believe summer is coming to an end. I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm glad. I am one of those weirdos who doesn't love summer. The start of fall excites me because it means the start of football, seasons and holidays, and I love nothing more than decorating and planning for holidays! R already has his Christmas Eve outfit and his Thanksgiving one is on the way from Zulily. Zulily is kind of like Amazon Prime.  My credit card is stored and I just click to purchase - TOTALLY. ADDICTING! But very bad for the credit card bills. They have the cutest baby things though, and for major discounts, so we don't have to count it as "real shopping." Now that's winning!

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