Wednesday, August 7, 2013

4-month Recap!

R turns 5 months on Friday so it's about time I recap his first four months! Thought I would share some of my favorite events and milestones from his little life so far.
  • First real bath in his tub! Gus loves to help. Unfortunately, he is not that helpful.

  • My first night out. We went to get sushi. When we got in the car to come home, I cried. Remember those crying spells I mentioned? Yeah. I might have been feeling a little emotional after one martini. Tipsy much? 9 months of no hard liquor catches up with you pretty fast. 
  • One of our first walks around the neighborhood. R loves being outside! It's like an instant cure to crying.
  • Tummy time with my non-helpful assistant Gus.
  • Here's one of the first times he looked at me like, "Mom, what the hell are you doing?" I'm sure it's the first of many. This photo was taken when he was in his 75-year-old bald man period and during a serious case of cradle cap.  Did you know to cure cradle cap you just rub baby oil on their head, let it sit about 10 minutes, then wash it every day until it's gone? I had always heard not to wash their hair everyday or it dries them out but it's the opposite. Thanks to our fab pediatrician, Dr. Readinger, for the tip!
  • One-month photo. Best one I could get. Sorry it's so sad to live with us! It's a hard life, but try not to cry about it so much.
  • Robby was born within two months of some of our good college friends' babies. Here they are meeting for the first time. Andy & Robby, Jeff & Shep, and Malcolm & George. It is so much fun to have friends with babies close in age. I recommend it if you can help it!

  • Robby's first trip to Waco. We went to celebrate my first Mother's Day. He is such a ladies' man.
  • Two-month photo. At least he's not crying in this one!
  • R's Baptism - Our families all came and it was such a special day. He slept through most of the service and was a total star when we went to brunch afterwards. He's pretty happy as long as I keep him fed! 


  • First trip to the pool. He loved it! Can't you tell?
  • First date with our neighbor's sweet baby girl. She looks disinterested. I don't think bald men are her type.
  • Robby and his friend George's first trip to Neiman's for lunch. They were complete troopers and indulged us by joining in on make-up shopping. Let me profess my love of my Baby Jogger City-Mini stroller here. EASIEST stroller ever to fold and take in and out of the car. Maybe I'm just not smart enough but I couldn't figure out how to fold any other stroller brand. LOVE, love, love it.
  • Three-month photo. We finally have more hair! R looks a little full. Like I said, he loves to eat!
  • First Fourth of July! We started the morning with a walk and then went swimming with friends. We hope to party harder next year.

 Here's a July 4, 2012 pre-baby photo of us in Vegas and a July 4, 2013 post-baby photo. Life sure did change fast! 
  • First trip to meet his great-grandparents! It was so neat to see four generations of Lombardi men together.

  • Four-month doctor's appointment. He hated the shots but we found out he grew to the 75th percentile in height and weight. This was great news! R may not be short! (Of course we love him no matter how tall he is.)


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